I firmly believe in the need to create a more diverse and inclusive space in the sciences and to put equity and justice at the forefront of our work on the energy transition and climate change. As an interdisciplinary scientist focused on sustainability challenges, I am committed to 1) mentorship and teaching that encourages engagement by students who are under-represented in these fields, and 2) inclusive community science that places community needs at the forefront of research and action. Please see below for examples of my teaching and DEI-J work; you can find more on community science in my research tab.

Co-Creator, Course on Racism, Colonialism, and Extraction in the Geosciences

I co-led a course in MIT EAPS on the historical and social context of the geosciences. This course is run as a participatory seminar where we discuss relevant work on philosophies and methodologies of science, the geosciences in relation to extractivism and colonialism, and environmental justice and racism. We are in the second year of running the course.

Co-Author of Research on Gender Equity

One of my interests is providing data driven research on JEDI in the geosciences. This work can be found in my publications tab. As I continue to work on further research in this area, I am always open to collaboration and ideas.

Co-Coordinator of Application Mentorship Program

I served as the co-coordinator for MIT EAPS’s application mentorship program, which aims to provide support for graduate applicants who may not have access to the mentorship they need in applying to graduate school. I coordinated the assignment of mentors, training of mentors, and evaluation of the program.

Student Representative on EAPS DEI-Committee

I have acted as one of two student representatives on MIT EAPS’s DEI-Committee. As a student representative, I collaborate with faculty, staff, researchers and students on and off the committee to set priorities, develop action plans, and implement them. My personal focus has been advocating for and serving on the hiring committee for a DEI-Officer, serving as an intermediary between the student body and the committee, and working to collect data on DEI relevant issues in our department on an annual basis.

Mentorship and Teaching

Research Advisor: Gabby Cazeres (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020), Yuka Perera (Summer 2020)

Teacher and Coordinator: Racism, Colonialism, and Extraction in the Geosciences

Teaching Assistant: People and the Planet: Environmental Governance and Science (Undergraduate Course, Fall 2021)

Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program, Spring, 2022

Outside of Academia, I have mentored and managed multiple interns at the Wilson Center and the Rock Environment and Energy Initiative.